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Thursday, April 07, 2005
VFW pulls permission for immigration meeting

The Tri-Town News has a great story on the VFW's capitulation to traitors and felons, correcting the misinformation presented in their earlier article. Here is the letter I am sending to VFW Post 4374:

As a fellow Veteran, I am writing to express my disappointment in your decision to rescind the agreement you made with United Patriots of America allowing them to use your facilities. I respect your right as a private organization to determine to which groups you will and will not rent your facilities. However, the decision you made in this case was shameful. It was quite inconvenient for me, after traveling many miles, to get to your building and find that the meeting had been moved, thanks to your last-minute decision. I was stunned to find police cars in the parking lot to keep us away. United Patriots of America is a great organization comprised of veterans and other real Americans who simply want the laws of our nation relating to immigration adequately enforced. Those who oppose UPA’s agenda are traitors supporting felons and the foreign invasion of America. Caving to pressure from such people is a disgrace to the uniform you wore.
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